Deck the Halls - A Vintage Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season is quickly approaching (hellooo December), so are the crazy shopping sprees that come along with it. I don't know about you but I'm pretty over the mall madness. I've hopped on the DIY band wagon and I don't plan on going back. Whip out the Mod Podge and glitter and I am SO there. However, I realize that not all of us are as super obsessed with crafts as I am. So, I have a suggestion for you! Instead of hitting the local mall, make your holiday shopping a fun adventure instead of a headache. If you know me, it's no secret that one of my favourite pastimes is perusing the local antique market, which happens to be a prime source of cool odds and ends. If you haven't spent some time to find out where some good markets are around you, I highly suggest you do. You can totally find some unique gifts for everyone on your list. It's the perfect place to find an adorable little vintage brooch or retro polaroid camera that will just jump off the shelf at you and right on under the tree (or menorah). If the thought of venturing unprepared into an antique store seems a little overwhelming, here are some of my favourite vintage gift ideas and helpful hunting tips to guide your search!

Brass Bookends
I whole heartedly believe that book ends are extremely under appreciated objects. What else would you use to hold up all your literary classics, smartypants?! These can be part of a unique gift when paired with your favourite novel, a mug, and some hot chocolate - everything you need for a cozy winter afternoon. Brass bookends are pretty easy to come across and come in various cool objects, everything from ducks to ships to hands, as pictured below. If you are especially into the ones seen below, you can buy 'em online from a cool Etsy shop here. 

Classic Tea Sets 
There is a certain charm that comes in a silver tea set that just can't be explained. Find a darling silver plate tea set and you'll be sure to charm the secret 80-year-old in all of us. Buy the one pictured below here.

The Polaroid
Shopping for a special hipster in your life? Antique markets are a great place to find old polaroid cameras, but make sure you do your research first to make sure you can still purchase film for a particular model you find. Helpful Hint - bring your smartphone shopping with you and google it in the store! Buy this one here

Whoever said records were dead was clearly delusional. Go on a hunt for their favourite artist's vinyl and make their holiday! Buy the always current 'Rumors' as seen below here

Unique jewelry is definitely one of the easiest things to spot when in the antique world, and it doesn't have to break the bank, but make sure you really look for the good stuff! I always love a good embroidered broach or ring (as picture below, far left). Look for unique pieces that are suited to whoever you are buying for. Way better than receiving some tacky ceramic Santa earrings. 

Jewelry Holders 
Antique stores are often laden with intricate jewel boxes or ring stands, which make an ideal gift for the lovely lady (or man) in your life. These are great because they are actually useful (unlike that weight loss cookbook you got last year from Aunt June - rude).  

That's all for now friends. Grab a cup of tea, head to the antique store and get in the holiday spirit! Happy Hunting!