Perianth Returns from AnimeNEXT

 Hello everyone! If you happened to attend AnimeNEXT this year in (held in Somerset, NJ) I hope you had a chance to drop by the Artist Alley and see Perianth! 

If not, do not despair! I have many items going up on the etsy shop this week for you to feast your eyes on. You'll see a selection of combination clip+pinback brooches (hair accessories, bag decoration, however you want to use it!) as well as Perianth's brand new 1" pins among other things!

Mixture of Perianth and Perianth Pop! at AnimeNEXT
I also want to share with you a little side project I have been working on, tentatively named "Perianth Pop!" Those of you who are also interested in colorful styles such as OTT sweet lolita and fairy kei might want to check this out. Right now it's planned as a limited run of one-of-a-kind items including bloomers, tote bags, skirts, hair accessories, and maybe even a few cutsews. These items will appear in the etsy shop under the category "Perianth Pop!"

Be sure to keep an eye on the etsy shop for these new items! Thank you!