Cheese & VCFS

Hey Dot&Bee Friends!
    Here is a cheesy post for you (the best kind, like a good brie or smoked gruyere). As I sit here writing this entry and procrastinate writing three research papers, I am so overwhelmed with the support you guys have shown me over the past few days! I'm so so excited to be one of six amazing designers in this year's Vogue Charity Fashion Show (, a phenomenal annual fashion show at Queen's University in  Kingston. Check out the website to find out more about the show and the amazing charity work VCFS does for the local Kingston community. This year's show, Vogue presents 'The Six,' features six segments which will showcase themes and ideas from the art deco/post-war era. The themes are Depression Deco, the High Life, the American Dream, Fashion, Architecture, and Fine Art, which is my scene. Check out this fun little video from the Designer Diaries series to get an inside look on what my plans are for Fine Art! 

  I've had some exciting ideas for the future of Dot&Bee, and I'm so looking forward to sharing them with all of you lovely people. Think a perfect combination of handmade pieces, vintage items, and accessories. Like the perfect sangria, Dot&Bee will be a mix of all things good (wine is optional but highly recommended). Stay tuned for more updates!



p.s. - In the mean time, check out this awesome Muse Magazine article on vintage and thrift shopping in Kingston!