Featured on The Kimono Lady

Check out The Kimono Lady, a fantastic blog on all things kimono. This is a really interesting, informational blog, and you're sure to discover something new every visit. Recently, they featured a Perianth item in a yaezakura natural theme kimono look. Check out that post here: http://thekimonolady.blogspot.jp/2013/02/common-motifs-and-coordinate-double.html and be sure to look around for other great outfits and facts!

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New Items

There are new items in the etsy shop! Check out some of these gorgeous pieces as seen on the runway at the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show in Baltimore!

 There are some new POP! items in the shop as well. Check out all the different bloomers now available, as well as some basic skirts!

This has been my favorite addition recently. Wear him on your head and he'll have your back! Er... side... something! He can't wait to meet you and your friends.

If he isn't quite your style, there's also a bunch of new floral headdress just in time for Spring.

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