Fly the trendy skies

.....Fly the trendy skies!
Polka dots, strips, cropped jacket, denim shorts & MANY MORE! We love these style of clothing because they exude that unique sense of feminism and liveliness once we put on them! And they are so IN TREND now that u just cant do without them or deny their presence! ;)

To prevent disappointment from not being able to purchase item or colors of your choice, pls do not hesitate too long to email us or transfer payment! Becos ALL of our stuff only comes in very LIMITED pieces! Once its sold, most of them are not able to re-order again! ;)

#1 Cloud 9
Made from very comfy and soft material, this piece has blue polka dots over all. Instead of looking "too cute" for your liking, it reveals a sense of elegance due to the cut and design! And with the little ribbon bow infront, it makes it extra sweet and endearing to wear!
Available in 1 piece ONLY!!
::S size::If u want to order M or L size, email us.
Price: $25.90

#2 Vintage classic
Dresses are never gonna go out of fashion, at least for the next few seasons! And furthermore, strips are always so trendy and classic! Though its babydoll design, this tube dress definitely flatters one's figure because of the way it is sewn and designed, it doesnt make u look as if u are pregnant or "bloated". If u wanna look even more shapely and slim, put on that vintage belt of yours!
Available in 1 red & 1 black strips only!!

Price: $27.90

#3 Dollipop
How about polka dots incorporated into a halter top? Revealing those beautiful attractive back of yours, this piece is filled with dark blue or red polka dots all over! And there is a little white sash to accentuate your waistline at the back! Gals with petite built or narrow shoulders should go for halter tops. Why? Simply because it makes our little tiny shoulders look broader and hence makes our figure more proportionate! Play these little tricks to make ur figure look even more attractive!
Available in 1 white polka dots, 1 red polka dots & 1 dark blue polka dots!

Price: $23.90

#4 Goth princess
These 2 colours makes us feel like painting our nails black to suit the goth look of this top. The victorian goth look is subtle and yet it hints at a darker side of you... with the necklace and the corset, you need not worry about finding the right accessories to carry off this look perfectly! Alternatively, if you wanna change the look of the top you may wear it with your favourite accessories to bring out the desired look!! or you can check out our new collection of accessories! ;)
Available in 1 purple & 1 dark blue only!

Price: $26.90

#5 Polka dots barbie
Blue sold!

This lovely tube has absolutely special colours which are different shades from the normal colours we wear. The white polka dots on all the 3 colours complements the shimmering brown, blue or black and make it unique in its own way! the flower patterns on the top makes it different from other boring polka dots tops which you can see on the streets. Pair it with jeans or short you definately won't look out of place in your fashionista world! This is definately a tube which you need to add to your tube collections!!

Available in 2 brown, 1 blue and 1 black only!

Price: $23.90

#6 Glamour queen
Purple sold!
The glamour queen loves her clothes to bring out her wonderful figure and she loves to recieve admiring stares from people as she struts down the streets. This top is so her style! The purple and black colour will perfectly complement her skin tone and makes the top look so flattering as there is also a elastic portion below the bust which clings to the natural shape of her assets. The gold buttons gives the top a air of royalty which is what she clamours for.
Available in 1 purple & 1 black only!
Price: $25.90

#7 Pretty tres
ALL SOLD!(Email us if u are interested to purchase the pink one!)
We love all time classic--cropped jackets! Because it always matches soo well with jeans or almost every bottom you have in your wardrobe! Especially with these two colors and the floral designs on the collar as well as imprinted on the buttons! The sleeves are up to you to fold it up short or leave it as its 3/4 length!
Available in 1 pink & 1 green only!
Price: $27.90

#8 Ethnic Princess
1 brown LEFT!!No more RE-ORDER!(email us if u are interested to purchase)
"Balloony" tops are so fashionable now! Especially those with NICE PRINTS like this and fitting at the bottom so that it wont look too "fluffy" or 'puffed out"! Not only that, you can wear it revealing one side of your sexy shoulders! If you want to look dressed up yet not looking too overboard, this is definitely one piece RIGHT for u!
Available in 1 turqoise green & 1 khaki brown ONLY! (Email us if u wish to order!)
Price: $25.00

#9 Perfect in Black/White
1 M size left in black!!(get it now!)
White and black are the most versatile colours ms divine shopper feels that every girl should have in their collection. This tube may look normal looking from the front but once you put it on it is moulded to your character and the way you wear it allows it to have different styles for the fickle mood every girl has. The back part of the tube is so sexy as it is rubberised but yet there is a ribbon that you can tie according to your bust size or your preference. Match it with contrasting colour accessories for that perfect in black or perfect in white look NOW!!
Available in white(S size) & black(S size)
If you wish to order it in M or L, do emails us!
Price: $25.90

#10 Miss Halter
In comparison to our polka dots halter, this design is more towards feminine and glamourous style! The material is made from pure cotton, hence its very comfortable and light weight to put on! Put this on for a nightout partying or hitting the streets with your galfrens! If you have nice broad shoulders, ALL THE MORE you should get this top!
Available in turqoise(The pic should look more towards bright turqoise, but because of the lighting, it differs a bit from the actual color!) & pink! (Re-order not possible!)
Price: $25.00

#11 Alluring Chic
All sold EXCEPT for pink!!
Fetish for off-shoulders top?? Ms Divine Shopper is also going over off-shoulders recently! But its difficult to find nice off-shoulders top with lovely colors and nice cutting! Alluring chic comes in 3 very gentle colors that makes a girl look more lady-like! Not only that, its made from cotton!
Available in pink, grey and khaki green only! (Re-order not possible!)
Price: $26.90

#12 Glamourous Hottie
WHOA! where does ms divine shopper start gushing about this glamourous hottie? This pair of feminine yet casual hot pants is made from faded jeans materials to give the rugged look but yet, trimings all over allows you to retain that feminine look. Ms divine shopper simply adores pieces which will allow her to exude her feminine charm as she feels that every woman should maximise their feminine charm to the fullest! and this is one pair of hot pants which allow you to do so now! Besides the trimmings on the hot pants, there are also rhinestones on the back pockets of the glamourous hottie which makes this piece irresistable to everyone as which girl can resist rhinestones calling out to them? to top it all up, the front button has a pink rhinestone embedded in it. the perfect touch to a perfect pair of hot pants.
Available in size 27(fits a S size), 28(Fits M SIze) each!-Re-order not possible!
Price: $28.90

#13 Sweet strips
This is another different design from MDS*'s previous red-hot sweetie pie that was sold out very fast! With pink strips all over the top, plus its off-shoulder design & fit cut, this piece is definitely a must-own top! Just match it with a denim skirt and some accessories and you are ready to go out!
Available in 1 piece ONLY!(re-order is IMPOSSIBLE!!)
Price: $24.90




Everyday wear
These casual look accessories are the latest in trend! And re-orders are not possible! Get any of these for just $10.90!
Price: $10.90



Party Queen
Ready to party all night long? This category of accessories are only going at $12.90 each! Re-orders impossible!
Price: $12.90


Gala socialites
Finally, our more glamourous and "loud" necklaces! With elements of gold, swaroski crystals, and lovely beads, its only selling at $15.90! Imported from Korea and re-orders are IMPOSSIBLE!
Price: $15.90

Geo: Dear...why you never tell me my hair SO MESSY in so many pics????!!!! Ahhhhh~~~~
Eunice: Dear...i told you already so many say dont care...SEE ahhh.

In the midst of snapping pics...from a nice hairdo to messed up hair...thats how hard we work!! Not only that, all the clothes in our series, we bought them for ourselves so as to "model" in them!
To bring nice clothes in front of u! ;) We simply enjoy doing it!

Kindly email all enquiries & orders to! Thanks!
Have a lovely day! ;)