MDS* Fashion Flair

::MDS* Fashion Flair::
Here comes your weekly retail therapy! Lets live for shopping!
A GALORE for all!

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Enjoy shopping! Do not take too long to mail ur orders, coz ALL OUR PIECES ARE VERY LIMITED! ;)

1. Pretty Vanity
Prints are IN now! Especially loud prints with a sense of subtle in it! This elegant dress stands out on every girl who puts her on because of the detailed lovely prints on it and the turqoise green shade of color! With an empire cut design, it will accentuate a woman's curves without "trying too hard"!
Avalable in 1 piece only!
Measurements: length-87cm, sleeves-41cm, waist(elastic)-27cm

Price: $30.90

2. Viva Victoria
Black is simply a very classic colour coupled with lace trimmings it gives this lovely piece a sexy edge. This lace trimmings also give this piece a very Victorian look and which girl does love that classic Victorian look? Viva Victoria!
1 piece only and no re-order!

Price: $25.90

3. Blue Supremacy
This babydoll sleeve top really makes one look like the sailormoon girl in comics! But with a feel of maturity in it! Match it with white shorts or jeans for a complete look! It comes with a detachable retro brooch around the left chest area to enhance the top!
Available in 1 piece(no re-order)
Measurements: length-57cm

Price: $24.90

4. Cherry Passion
The cherry colour of this lovely piece simply brightens up one’s day as it is bright but yet at the same time it brings a tinge of sweetness to the luck one who owns this piece! Although this piece may look simple, the area just above the waist is elastic which gives you a more defined figure!!! Even though it is elastic above the waist, below the elastic band, it is a bit flare so as to accentuate your waist!
1 piece only & no re-order!


5. Coral Isle
1 sold! 1 piece left!
Geo loves this dress to bits! Look at the beautiful shades of colors on it! Colors play an important in making a dress look more unique than it really is and this dress is a perfect example!! This lovely piece comes with a belt to tie around your waist area so tt you wont look so "fluffy" and knitted spag strap!
Available in 2 pieces only!

Price: $30.90

6. Her Glam

Doesn’t everyone just love kimono inspired tops? This piece is simply lovely! It is not too low cut to the extent that you need to wear a tube! It comes with a lovely necklace for you to accessorise!!
2 pieces only!

Price: $26.90

7. Retro-fication
ALL SOLD (email us if u wanna order)
Into RETRO? Make retro a comeback ladies! How nice it is to blend in retro with modern touch of fashion and still look as sexy as ever! This pretty tube top is made from comfy soft material with a sash for u to tie at the back! And the area around the waist is slim fit so it will really define your figure! It comes in 3 lovely colors for u to choose from!
Available in 3 pieces only!
Measurements: length-45cm, width-33cm

Price: $25.90

8. Princess Hours
This tube top can be a halter top as well! Change it to your preference! And its made from chiffon material in classic black color. You can wear it for dinners or parties too! Just match with some glam accessories and you will simply alluring! Oh, and its specially imported from korea too!
1 piece only in S size!
Measurements: length-37cm, width-32cm


9. Grand Dame
ALL SOLD!! no reorder!!
Wanna flaunt those lovely long legs of yours! This satin shorts will definitely make the guys go "woahhhh"! Because of the bubble design, it will make girls look slimmer, especially the legs! Made from a good quality satin material and gold strips around the waist area, this shorts is high class yet casual enough to be worn out to town! If you want to look chic, just match it with a black patent pointed heels!
Available in 1 black & 1 brown in S size!
Measurements: length-28cm, waist(elastic)-34cm

Price: $32.90

10. Romance in the air
Fetish for chiffon flowy dresses?? Then you really gotta grab this piece!!With feminine and pretty prints all over the dress and blue ribbon as the spag strap, this dress is really suitable for any gentle or demure girl who wants to look even more gentle or lady-like!
1 piece only!
Measurements: length-78cm

Price: $35.90

11. De Beauty
This top is inspired by the butterfly tops which are baggy but is a bit figure hugging at the waist area so as to give this piece definition of shape. This piece comes with a lovely necklace as well to brighten up your look!
Price: $28.90

12. Birds of Paradise
What a lovely dress which looks exceptionally refreshing to the eye. This lovely dress is bright and colourful with the prints of what paradise is made up of! Wear it with a belt to achieve a more figure hugging look or you can wear it just as it is!
1 piece only!(No re-order)


13. Floral Flings
This is another lovely flora dress which is empire cut due to the rubber below the bust area. The lace trimmings below the dress gives the dress the feminine touch but yet not overdoing it. The ribbon design behind the dress differentiates the dress from a normal floral print dress and gives the dress that special touch. You can pair it with belt or wear it as it is!
3 pieces only!(No re-order)

14. Oceanic Strips
A lovely and simple top with blue strips exclusively imported from Korea! Easy to match with anything on a casual wear day! But yet, the small details on the top like ribbon at the centre makes it extra sweet!
1 piece only!(No re-order)
Measurements: length-42cm, width-30cm
Price: $28.90

15. Bohemian Tale
sold!(No re-order)
As the name suggests, Bohemian Tale tells a story of a girl who is into bohemian fashion. Her fetish and love for Bohemian style like this top! Designed with a really unique front and versatility of wearing it off shoulder , it is an exclusive top specially imported from Korea! One and only piece!
1 piece only!
Measurements: length-46cm

Price: $32.90

Credits to Geo's dearest pal. ;) Eunice, Cas & Geo say..."THANK YOU".

Please email all orders & enquiries to! For convenience, please put "orders" as the subject title, together with the item # & name! And for enquiries, put "enquiries" as the subject title, together with the item # & name! Tank u! ;)

Parade of the Divas.

"Parade of the Divas"
This series is really our FAVOURITE! Out of so many collections we have launched, Eunice & I LOVE this series TO BITS! After hrs and days of hard-core selection, we present to you a pretty collection of dresses, tops and skirts!

And for most items below, re-order is not possible! The availability of pieces are stated underneath the description, pls do take note! Thanks!

#1 Hearts on Fire
white sold!
When a girl starts to notice a guy, she is very shy, not daring to look into his eyes. This top brings out the exact feelings she has. The brown and white base color is simple enough to bring out the pretty embroidery designs. All she has to give is her heart and since love is such a magnificent feeling, the design of this top is so too. The special feeling of the top comes not only from the design at the front, but also from the back as well. These 2 lovelies come with a inner camisole for that perfect touch. Enjoy.
Available in 1 white & 1 brown(Re-order impossible)
Price: $26.90

#2 Forget me not
1 yellow & purple sold! 1 MORE purple left!
As the name suggests, this dress will sure to bring sunshine and add more colors to your life! The blending of various colors are soo pretty that u really cant resist this dress at all! Made from chiffon-like material, its flowy and feminine! Not only that, u can choose to wear it as a tube dress or halter dress! On a day when u are in a really good mood, this dress will further enhance ur happy mood and make it even happier! Available in 2 purple & 1 yellow
Price: $28.90

#3 Victorian Chic
All sold!

The lace patterns which this top embodies give a soft feminine touch to every lady as it softens their outlook giving them a shy and demure image which no one can resist. The deep plunging V neck line and the lace around the bust area also brings out the assets of you ladies. This design is very "topshop" but no worries, the price is definitely not the same. ;) Victorian Chic comes with a tube for you to match with!
Available in 1 brown & 1 white
Price: $27.90

#4 Korean Princess
SOLD! (Email us if u are interested)
Have anyone watched the korean drama "Gong"? If u have, u might find this dress a bit familar cos it resembles wad the princess wore in the show! She looked really cute and adorable in this! With a fluffy polka dots bottom, it wilk make anyone's legs even slimmer than it already was!
1 piece only!
Price: $30.90

#5 Bed of Roses
Going somewhere end of the year, yet not able to find a nice scarf or shawl? Get this! The roses prints on the scarf makes it really romantic and enchanting! Even under the hot weather in spore, u can also use this as a belt, or just hang it ard ur neck with a simple top and it will look soo complete already!
1 piece only!(Re-order impossible)
Price: $20.00

#6 Hemlines

Looking for a sweet and demure dress? For all u sweeties out there, this dress will never go wrong! With a empire cut below the bust area and a little sash to tie a ribbon, this dress is soo suitable to wear it for any occassion!
Available in 1 green!
Price: $29.90

#7 Red Passion

This is definitely a red-hot ooh la la jacket that will put you in the centre of attraction wherever you go! Match it with your favourite slim fit jeans and you ready to party or hit the shopping streets of singapore!
Available in S, M(brown) & L
Price: $33.90

#8 Royal Purple
The color of this lovely dress is very special as it is a shade of royalty purple with pearl white strips. Thus the whole outlook of this dress is very regal and princess looking. The fabric of this dress is extremely soft, slinky and comfortable. The cap sleeves will accentuate your lovely shoulders and therefore give it a perfect finish. Just match it with a vintage belt and you will look perfect. Just like a princess without the tiara.
Available in Purple strips only!
Price: $33.90

#9 Pink Floral Fantasy
A really sweet and pretty skirt with a floral sash around the waistline! This skirt is short enough for gals who wanna flaunt their nice legs as well as cos the skirt is "wrapped" design, so u can adjust the waistline according to your comfort level! And above all, khaki green & link pink is a perfect combination of colors for any gal to carry it off well!!!
Available in S, M or L
Price: $29.90

#10 Oceanic Waves
A smart-tailoring dress with polka dots buttons that stands out from the oceanic blue color! With a blue sash around your waistline and the length of the dress up to knee length, this piece really shows the unique curves of a woman! Any girl who goes for dresses that are not too revealing, yet with a nice cutting should grab this piece!!1 piece only!(Re-order impossible)
Price: $46.90

#11 In the Limelight
WOW! That will be the reaction of everyone around you when u put on this dress! It has a low plunging neckline but a brooch to fasten both sides. The patterns of this dress is so intrinsic and yet so simply put together. This piece is great for evening wear or even to parties and important functions! You will certainly be in the limelight!
1 piece only!(Re-order impossible)
Price: $59.90

#12 Mermaids of the Ocean

The colour of these 2 tops make us think of the huge ocean with green and blue waves splashing on the shore. The lace design makes it look very british and very "topshop" like. This lovely top comes with a black camisole which makes the look more complete. You also can choose to wear it without the camisole and still look equally stunning.
Available in 1 green & 1 blue!
Price: $27.90

#13 Vintage Flowers
This is a must buy for all vintage lovers. The cap sleeves make this top elegant but yet at the same time looks casual. The flower embroidery stands out on the brown base colour which makes it the center of attraction. This top is elastic around the bust area so as to give it an empire cut feel and flatter your figure. Just match it with your favourite bottoms and it will look perfect!
Available in 3 brown pieces!
Price: $26.90

#14 Essence of Strips
1 sold!
This is the top version of the butterfly dress. The V cut on the back and in the front gives the top a very sexy feel and the stripes will make you look slim! The bottom portion of this top is more tight fitting as compared to the rest of the top and this will make you look slimmer as well! a perfect combination!
Available in 2 pieces only!
Price: $25.90

#15 Dreams
white sold!
Flower embroideries are the rage now as it adds to the details of the top and makes it look more exquisite and gives the feminine touch to the lovely pieces. Dreams are made up of everything nice and lovely. The colours are peaceful colours which makes the flower embroideries. The buttons of this top is what makes it different from others. When buttoned up fully, this buttons are designed to scrunch up into a lovely pattern which adds further subtle details to this piece! You may choose to wear a camisole inside or you cn show off your washboard stomach!
Available in 2 white & 1 red only!
Price: $25.90

#16 Sweet Purple
All sold!(No Re-order!!)
Soft and sweet, this off shoulder knit top comes with a little ribbon brooch! And the weather is getting cooler towards the year end, hence its very suitable for office ladies to put this on for work! Or even match it with jeans for a casual day out! ;)
Available in 2 pieces only!
Price: $23.90

#17 High Fashion Chic
green sold!

For girls who ADORE trench coat dress, this is the right piece for you!! Made from a thinner and cooler material, you dont have to worry about the hot weather when you wear this dress! Not only that, it comes with a white belt for you to further enhance your waistline! Its slick, and so babelicious!
Available in 2 green & 1 black only!(Re-order impossible)
Price: $27.90

#18 Victorian Romance
Get lavish with this floral trench coat! Made from sumptuous fabric quality, it will definitely give you a feminine yet high fashion look! If you going to cold countries year end, put on this jacket with jeans and your boots!
1 piece only!(Re-order impossible)

Price: $65.90

#19 Purity

sold!(Email us if u wanna order)
This is a PERFECT COMBINATION of off-shoulder and babydoll designs! Its simply cute and lovely for girls who go for a softer and demure look. You can also choose to wear it as a cap sleeve top...just match it with some chunky beads necklace & there you go!

1 piece only!
Price:$ 27.90

#20 Bohemian Rasphody


How about a boho dress with a babydoll design and a halter top all incorporated together? This is really a unique design from head to toe! Made from a light brown color fabric with layering effect, this dress fits perfectly for almost all kinds of body shapes and it doesnt have that kind of "pregnant lady" effect!

Price: $34.90

# All about Beads

Orange & red only!

Price: $9.90

#22 White Infatuation
This is an extremely posh looking bag imported from Japan and white colour just makes the bag look so pristine and expensive. White infatuation is made of faux shiny crocodile leather which gives that socialite look! The handles of this bag is very special as it is made of a gold chain entwined with the faux crocodile leather. The gold gives subtle hints of affluence and grace. White infatuation is big enough to put all your "must haves" and it fits A4 perfectly so it is the perfect bag to carry around for different purposes!
Price: $53.90

#23 Sophistication
Pending!(email us if u wanna order)

This is a smaller version of white infatuation! And its made from a different kind of leather which doesnt have the shine as crocodile leather! Hence, it gives a more casual and chic look. Similar to white infatuation, the handle of the bag with entwined with the black leather and gold chain to allow that beautiful contrast to shine. No bags look more sophisticated and classic than this one! Lastly, it fits A4 just nice so u dont have to worry about it being used as a school bag or for going out!

Price: $32.00

#24 Denim Lust

Available in Size 27(fits S), size 28(fits M) & size 29(fits L)

Price: $27.90

#25 Sexy Army
2 sold! 1 pending!(re-orders impossible!)

Price: $29.90

Please direct all emails to! For enquiries, pls state "enquiries" as the subject and "orders" if u would like to make purchases! Thanks!